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Cow Sprayer

Cowcooler valve flap

Mounts above the return alley use the same spring closed valve as our large water trough valves in a 6″ by 6″ block of HDPE.

The hinge is attached over the valve piston with rubber belting.  As the cow pushes against the rubber belting the water is turned on.  Once the cow has walked out from under the belting the valve turns off.

There are two 90 degree flat spray nozzles mounted above and on each side of the cow that sprays her as she walks through.

Built to last with only one moving part.  Using the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) principle.

  1. John T permalink

    Does this have a reservoir that would hold pesticides? How much is this unit.
    John T

    • Not necessarily. It delivers too large amount of volume of water, there is no way to control the mixture of pesticide/water (the pesticide would be too diluted).

      Thanks for the inquiry!

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