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Valve Options

Under Water Mounting

Some farmers prefer mounting water valves under water to keep animals from playing with them and also to prevent them from freezing.  We have two options to mount our valves under water.  First is an arm that goes up instead of down.  We have these available for the three largest valves.

Underwater Valve 1v2

The other is a hybrid valve.  We put a steel weight on the arm to turn the valve into a naturally open valve and then use a chain attached to a float to close it.  This option the valve can be placed near the bottom of the trough.

Underwater Valve 2v2


Custom Valves

custom valves v2

“Short Arm” valves, hanging weights, or “custom valves” built to fit any application!


Valves w/Garden Hose Connection

Hose Valve v2

Many small livestock producers use a hose to fill commercial or plastic tanks to water their animals.  There are cheap float valves made to clamp on the side of these tanks.  We think it is better to build a stand to place in the tank and attach one of our high quality valve and attach a hose.  With a Freeze valve, neither the hose nor the valve will freeze.  If a direct mount (on the side of the tank) is desired, longer bolts can replace the existing bolts in the side plates of the valve to connect to the side of the tank (a spacer will be required between the valve and the tank to prevent the floating weight from hitting the side of the tank).

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