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For more than 100 years the float valve and its various configurations was the only choice.  Now the Brown Weight Valve offers a new and improved way to maintain water level.


Some of the Advantages to the Brown Weight Valve include:

  • Built using durable materials and construction – providing years of life!
  • Built for a long life
  • Machined HDPE (high density polyethyline) housing and weight
  • All metal parts are made out of stainless steel (except one brass washer)
  • Valve is relaxed when trough is full – if the valve breaks, water stays off (as opposed to the always-under-pressure float valves that flood when the valve breaks)
  • The only pressure put on the piston is the weight on the arm
  • The weight is not attached to the valve (allowing it to rise with the water if the trough is filled above the set water level)

(Cross section of a large Weight Valve model)

The valves are made in a machined block of HDPE.  All metal parts are stainless steel except the brass washer behind the rubber fuller ball.  The valve is spring loaded closed.  The fuller ball is on a stainless threaded bolt screwed into the piston making replacing the ball easy.


Our Guarantee

If our valves won’t work in your Situation we will exchange or refund them. We will stand behind them for 5 years!

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