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Five D Farms – Pasco, Washington (Milks 7800 Cows)

I saw these Weight Valves at the World Dairy Expo in 2011 and purchased four with freeze valves. They are the best new product that I have ever seen at a trade show. They have saved me many times over the cost of attending the show in repairs and replacement of float valves and dealing with frozen valves.We buy a box of Weight valves with freeze valves  at a time and replace the float valves when they fail. We have never purchased a replacement part for our weight valves . They work on such a simple principle and built so durable. The worst Job on a dairy is thawing frozen valves on the coldest mornings of the year and with Garry’s freeze valves we never have a frozen valve or pipe.
-Steve DeRuyter
Northwest Dairy Service  – Rickreal OR (Serves Oregon and Washington)
I first saw a Brown Weight Valve at a local dairy farm. The dairyman told me how impressed he was with how the valve performed. AQ few months later I met Garry at the World Ag Expo and he showed me how the valves worked. They were extremely simple and built to last. The dairyman that was with me said”get me ten of those” At that time I set up to be a Dealer. We have found that once a dairyman gets one of the Brown Weight Valves it won’t be long until he calls and orders a lot more. 
-Kevin Kroes
 Dairy in Escondido CA (Milks 900 Cows)
I saw them at the Farm Show in 2013 and purchased a few. I was told and showed how good they were at the show but I didn’t really appreciate  how simple and good they were until I used them myself. We have dirty water and with simple tools , a 7/16 th socket and a pair of pliers we can take them  apart to clean. We never have any troughs running over making wet corrals. I love them. I always keep some on hand to replace failed float valves.
-Frank Konyn
AWS Sales & Service, Inc (Install Stainless Steel Manufacturing Facilities Internationally)
We have been using The Brown Weight Valve the past 6 years.  We installed several in our water in our horse stalls in our indoor arena and have been so pleased with their performance.  We have also used them in commercial projects when the application is needed and feel confident that our customers will like them as much as I have.
-Michael Holman

Lakeshore Dairy – Visalia, California

I don’t have bent-up copper or brass rods anymore to stop the float from flowing. The valve might not be the cheapest out there, but it’s the last one you’re ever going to buy.
-Pete DeGroot, 


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