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The Inventor

Garry Brown was raised on a dairy farm in the high valleys east of Salt Lake City, Utah.  The oldestof six boys, he had an interest in the dairy from a young age and took over many of the dairy responsibilities while still in school.  After some college and marriage, he worked with his father for two years.  When he approached his father about building some equity, he was told that until the other brothers decided what they wanted, he couldn’t let Garry build any equity in the farm.

Becoming discouraged with the situation, he found another job running a dairy in Park City, Utah.  Two years later, the owner sold the farm to be developed into a ski resort, now known as The Canyons.  During these years, Garry built up a small herd of cows and heifers of his own.

With this equity and help from the Farmers Home Association, Garry was able to purchase a small dairy farm in Genola, Utah. With the parts from a douple of old drinking cups he brought with him from Park City, he built a Weight Valve in a cement water trough.

During the next forty years, he built up the dairy to 100 registered Holsteins, farmed 200 acres, raised twelve children and put them through college.  Finally, he decided to slow down a bit, so he sold the cows.  Though he still enjoys driving his tractor and farming his land each summer.

After selling the cows he had more time to develop the Weight Valve.  He applied for a patent and has spent the last eight years improving and marketing it to satisified farmers and businessmen throughout the world.

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