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A better way to maintain water level


The BROWN WEIGHT VALVES are spring loaded, naturally closed valves. When water is needed, the weight pulls down on the arm, providing leverage to open the valve. The solid weight is slightly lighter than water so when the water trough is full the weight floats, closing the valve.



The WEIGHT VALVE uses a spring loaded, naturally closed water valve.  When the water level goes down the weight on the arm pushes the valve open.  The weight is made of a durable plastic that is slightly less dense than water.  As the trough fills the weight floats up with the water level until the trough is full, allowing the valve to close.



This video is of the Brown Weight Valve being used in an actual environment where it is controlling the level of water in large water tanks for a car wash.


Successful Farming – Machinery Show #715

This video is of the Brown Weight Valve being showcased in an ‘All Around the Farm’ segment of the Successful Farming Machinery Show.

  1. John Dallaire permalink

    Were do I purchase the valve.

    • John;
      At this time we don’t have many local retailers . They are on AMAZON and will be in NASCO’s new catalog but the best is for us to send them direct. Call me at 801 602 9910. Thanks Garry

  2. Ben Christopher permalink

    I Would Like One For My Commode

    • Ben,

      Thanks for your interest! You can contact us at 801-602-9910 for any questions about the valve as well as to place any orders. We can discuss any necessary customizations to meet your needs.

      -Brown Weight Valve

  3. Chris Heldt permalink

    Please send me some information on pricing. I would be using the valve in cattle waters. Can the valve take apart for cleaning?

    • The valve sell for ;
      small $33.00
      Medium $48.00
      regular $66.00
      Large $75.00
      They can be easily taken apart and put back togeather.
      The best way to determin what would work best is to call me at 801-602-9910 Thanks Garry

  4. Sam Spruell permalink

    How do I get some?

    • Sam,

      Thanks for your interest! You can contact us at 801-602-9910 for any questions about the valve as well as to place any orders.

      -Brown Weight Valve

  5. Jim permalink

    Will the valves work in a plastic enclosed water cister

  6. Fernando Gonzalez permalink

    The best valves in the world. I installed 13 and going for 16 more.

  7. Doug Crawford permalink

    Where can I purchase the brown weight valve and how much?

    • You can call Garry (the inventory) at 801-602-9910 and he can get you more information on prices for the different types of valves. He sells the valves directly.

  8. Shawn kilpela permalink

    Where can I buy one of these valves?
    I live in Minnesota and would like one I can mount under water and with the frost valve attachment.

    I have cattle and horses so may be interested in several of them.
    Tanks ranging from 100-300 gallons.

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